2.9mm Pixel Pitch for Indoor Events, 3.99 Pixel Pitch for Outdoor Events

RE Series: Indoor and Outdoor types

Fine Pixel Pitch Rental Solution

Pixel Pitch: 2.9mm( for indoor use) or 3.9 mm(for outdoor use)

Pixel Configuration: SMD

Brightness: ≥5000 nits

Refresh Rate: 1920/2880/3840 Hz

Panel Dimension: 500×500×88 mm or 500×1000×88 mm

Only 8.5kg For Each Panel

Light weight of only 8.5kg for each panel

Details reveal charm

Striving to achieve the ultimate, RE series are made to incorporate all the details you care into its designing concept.

Cherish and realize your every creative idea

By the use of only one type of panel, RE series can realize your valued creations by being assembled into concave and convex screens, and the minimum radius is only 2.85m long to make a circle.

User-friendly maintenance

The die-casting aluminum panel employs modular design. Modules and power box can all be maintained conveniently from the front or rear according to requirements.

Mix or mismatch splicing? The answer is YES!

Panels of two different sizes can be assembled together, and more surprisingly the super compatible RE panels also support for mismatch splicing from all directions.

More choices, More fun

Stacking installation

Hanging installation

L-shape installation



Bring Everything Closer To You

R Series: Indoor and Outdoor types

Slimmer & Lighter Rental LED Display

Pixel pitch: 2.9mm, 3.1mm and 3.9 mm

Pixel configuration: SMD

Brightness: 5000 nits

Refresh rate: 960/1920/3840 Hz

Panel dimension: 500×500×92 mm

Light & Slim Panel

Each panel is carefully crafted and only weighs at 8.5kg.

Seamless Design

Every Panel is manufactured with CNC auto-machines of high precision so that to guarantee its seamlessness during assembly.

Noise-free & Energy-saving Design

Fanless design could reduce the operation noise to the minimum, and die-casting aluminum panel of great dissipation could save your electricity cost substantially.